Brief Intro


Sichuan Fortune Investment Co., Limited. (SFIC) is an investment management company established in 2003, and the main business focus on project investment and equity investment.

With its subsidiaries, SFIC invest in hydropower, biomass power, wind power and solar power. Moreover, SFIC also participate in highway, agrotechny, tourism projects, bank and financial industries in the past.

SFIC is now focusing on EPC project and renewable energy investment. As an investment management company, SFIC does not operate by itself, but via its subsidiaries and project companies.  The international EPC project is carried by two major subsidiaries: Sichuan Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Co., Ltd. (SCMEC)[+more], which already has over 30 years experience acting as EPC contractors, and Sichuan Fortune Project Management Ltd.(SFPM), which is taking responsibility for engineering construction, commissioning and operation. And the corresponding project companies will operate the different investments.